Why Join Convina

Diversified Manpower

Our team here at CRL is a bouquet of diversified people from different locations, backgrounds, religion, caste, creed and believes working under the same roof creating a gateway which opens to rich cultural exchanges, meeting new people with various ideas and experience new aspects of thinking towards life.

Building Leaders

CRL offers an opportunity where raw talent get molded and groomed to become future leaders. This comes, when new aspirants work with the inspiring and experienced people on different projects. Coming in contact with these seniors the new aspirants come to learn the various skills and valuable insight of the industry. We here at CRL believe in embing the raw brains with confidence, positivity and skill-sets so as to ensure that our people reflect the utmost standards of excellence.


We here at Convina Research Lab have over the years created an environment where new ideas are warmly welcomed; reviewed, implemented and executed effectively as an when required, a work place where the personnel’s get an fair opportunity to know and explore their potential and strengths. With a stimulating work environment, innovation comes naturally.

Growth and Opportunities

An organization that believes in extending endless opportunities and enormous growth to every individual putting up with Convina Research Lab. We herein believe in enhancing knowledge, sharpening skills, exploring inbuilt abilities and promoting competencies of every Convinian, so that any one of them, at any point of time, in any type of situation feel motivated, organized and appropriately managed.

Our Culture


We believe in Proper Guidance and Grooming of every Convinian.


Practical and feasible Goals for every Convinian.


We believe in Transformation enriched with Research and Technology.


Every Convinian acts as a Team Player to add to the growth and success of Convina.


We are our nearest competitors in relevant segments. Being consistent in all our activities is what matters us the most.


We prefer challenging ourselves, before challenging anybody else.

How Do I Apply: Send in your updated Resume to:

Fraud Awareness

No Room for Cheating

Convina is group of honest people as you are however there are fraudsters. Its true and we cannot avoid this fact. It is our moral responsibility to make any of the applicants to beware of these type elements. To do so, we have come up with fraud awareness programmers off late.

We are Not Them

We here @ Convina Research Lab never call anybody nor mail anybody asking for money to be deposited in a designated bank account. There have been numerous cases where candidates have received calls from fraudsters pretending to be us, asking for money as standard procedure for getting a job. We treat this type of actions Totally Unethical and condemn the same.

Not Acceptable

Convina never ever endorse any bribe or obligation in return of rendering job to any of the candidates. One who does the same, get blacklisted immediately.

Best Practices

We hereby ensure that Convian adopts and implements the best policies of recruitment. We entertain only the honest people and like to join hands with people who can uphold the reputation, dignity and integrity of the organization.